The Story of Us

Our family....

We are a family run small business, husband and wife team!  We spent time building an amazing photography studio right in our home in the Central Michigan area.  We specialize in custom family portraits, senior pictures, and newborn photography, but also do occasional weddings and other events.  In our family, we believe that life is meant to be celebrated every single day.  These special moments are meant to be treasured in print--large wall art you see daily in your home....private for you.


Our expertise...

As artisans, we have had extensive training both professionally and in one on one workshops with the best in the industry and we take our technical expertise very seriously.  With a Bachelor's Degree from Central Michigan University in design, media, and art, as well as over 10 years of experience in video production for public broadcasting and small business, we are confident in offering you the highest quality image on the market.  We have won various awards for our photography, with images being inspected by world-renowned photographers in both newborn photography as well as senior portraiture, and have even been featured in nationally printed magazines, as well as social media.


 We are creatives.  We think outside the box.  We don't like to do the same thing twice.  When you work with us, we brainstorm together, and do whatever it takes to create amazing art, worthy of a talking piece in your home that tells your story, but also worthy of a billboard! :)

We look forward to meeting you and hearing YOUR STORY.

-Jen & Jeremy   

Our Story: Charis:

(/ˈkeɪrɪs/; Greek: Χάρις)

a given name meaning "grace, kindness, beauty, and life"

The story of our family is a beautiful narrative filled with great adventure, risk, faith, tragedy, and grace.  After years of longing for a family, God saw fit to grow our family through the gift of adoption, both international and domestic! When our youngest daughter was born (who actually was our first child), we knew right away.  Charis.  God had heard the cry of our hearts and through His grace had given us a child, and then shortly after added to our family two African sons.

The story told through our family is beautiful and different and we treasure each moment.

It is through this lens, that we long to capture the story and the beauty of each family....your Charis

Life is a precious gift, and what we have been given is today.  Nothing more and nothing less.  We know the value your loved ones hold in your heart, and believe in creating art, little seeds, that will capture these precious moments in time for you and your family, and will grow for generations.

We can't wait to capture the beauty of your story.

-Jen & Jeremy