The Magic of Christmas!

There's no such thing as a "perfect" Christmas. But we can still find treasure in the imperfections of life.

A recounting of our first Christmas in Africa. And our first Christmas together as a family.

God is a proud Father ... to you!

Floyd is old and, not fat, but round. Floyd would make a good Santa Clause. But Floyd is going to make holiday cheer at this breakfast in his own way. By playing the accordion.

In these years where Mary watches over Jesus, God is showing Mary how deep His love truly is. She would do anything to keep harm from coming to her son. And yet she knows that His Heavenly Father loves her son a thousand times more.

God inserts a few fireworks into the first Christmas to remind us how glorious Jesus truly is.

Christmas light are all around. But you have a light on the inside of you, too.

God’s not being pushed anywhere. God has chosen to be in a manger. God has chosen to be born poor. God has chosen to be born illegitimate. And let’s not forget He’s made the humbling choice to be born human.

God is always looking for those that are searching. He often finds searching hearts inside those that are “the outsiders”.

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September 28, 2019