Jeremy Ruble


My love of design began with print. I was fascinated by the process of making printing plates and physically mixing inks for a press in my graphic arts lab. A design still feels most realized to me when I can hold it in my hands. 


Client: Reach Ministries International

Project: Reach Ministries wanted a product that could be used as a direct mailer or handed out at events that would communicate their mission.

Role:  Layout; photoediting; and Logo design

(Left) "Influence Lives" Postcard

In an effort to increase awareness of their endeavors, the leadership of REACH requested a print piece with a flavor that reflected the tone of their organization. 

The organization has hosted many international mission trips the front of the design began with selecting a photo of a visit to a school in South Africa. After editing the photo to create a greater sense of dimension, I integrated it with a "word cloud" that features the plethora of topics the organization's speakers address in their presentations. The design communicates an inspiring tone without denying the gravity of the issues the organization addresses.

"Tea on a Mission"

Client: REACH 

Project: Tea on a Mission Poster Background

Role:  Logo designer and photo editor

(Left) Tea on a Mission Poster

This image was created for use on an informational poster for a fund-raising event.