Jeremy Ruble


Logos are the ultimate design challenge. They must convey in a moment the spirit of the organization they represent. I find logo design to be deeply exciting.


Client: Reach Ministries International

Project: Reach Ministries sought a logo to brand their organization and it's international mission.

Role:  Logo designer

(Left) REACH Ministries International Logo

REACH sought a visual brand that indicated it's international ambitions. The organization focuses on short-term mission trips and raising funds to build wells. 

"Resurrection Life Church"

Client: Resurrection Life Church

Project: Resurrection Life Church logo redesign.

Role:  Logo designer

(Left) Resurrection Life Church Logo

This church sought a logo redesign to coincide with their renovation project. The leadership sought a visual brand that would communicate their focus on outreach and evangelism. The linking rings represent a ripple effect of members of the congregation reaching others. It is meant to invoke the effect of a stone skipping across the surface of water.

"Mission Matters"

Client: Mission Matters

Project: Mission Matters

Role:  Logo designer

(Left) Mission Matters Logo

This design was requested for a short-term missions group. The cross is shaped to represent both the religious purpose and global scale of the group's purpose.