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2024 Seniors
Charis Seed Creative Team


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About the Charis Seed Creative Team

Seniors joining the creative team get an extra photo session for no additional investment beyond the package they select.  This creative session is scheduled early in the senior portrait season (April, May, June), so seniors will have images to share with their friends. They'll get early access to these unique portraits with a personal app! It's a creative collaboration between us and the senior. We have a lot of ideas, but we also want to create art that reflects something unique about each senior as a person!

(Keep scrolling for more information and to apply) :) 

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The Benefits of Being On the Team:

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A Totally Unique Creative Shoot
(In addition to your


Early Access to a gallery of your creative team session (Something to share as you start your big year!)


A personal app (so you have your best images in hand)


More chances for more outfits, locations, ideas, to be a part of your portrait gallery! Show the world who you are (and prove to your future kids you were cool)

Drums satillites_edited.jpg

The Process of the Creative Shoot.

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This is Adry and a guitar. She loves music and classic rock. We can't capture music itself, so we decided to create a concept that showed how music makes her feel. This is an example of our creative team process:

  • Adry wanted to join the team. So she applied

  • We called her family and setup a time to sit down together at our studio.

  • At that meeting (the pre-session consultation) we talked about Adry's interest and brainstormed session ideas. She felt an "urban" session would fit her vibe and like the concept of climbing on a guitar.

  • Her family felt we were a good fit for Adry's style, so they invested the deposit for her sessions to reserve a date on our calendar.

  • We met at the location. Walked around. Captured lots of images. Laughed. Created. 

  • Jeremy sorted through the pictures, selected a few to make the composite image of her on the guitar.

  • We created a gallery of this image and other images from the shoot and uploaded them to Adry's app for her to review and share.

  • Later in the season, Adry did a second session to capture fall colors and her sports portraits

  • A few weeks later, she came to our studio with her family for an ordering session. She got to see a much larger gallery of her images from all her sessions

  • She selected the album package and her favorite images for her finished collection. We created an album design for her to approve.

  • We delivered her beautiful album to big smiles :) 


Interested in joining the team? Sign up below!

If you fill out the form below, we'll get in touch with you to answer your questions. Then, we'll setup a time to sit down with you at our studio in Mt. Pleasant, MI, to talk about designing sessions :) 

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