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Baby Alina: Teal & Coral

Each new baby is such sweetness. This is why I love newborn photography. There is fresh hope, a new start, and all the worries of the world seem to melt away. Baby Alina was no exception. She has very unique features and a sweet presence.

When this mama told me her she had a bright coral and teal nursery, I have to be honest. I hesitated for a moment! MOST baby photographers use a very muted palate, such as soft pinks, pastels, and creams. And I LOVE that for babies. BUT I also LOVE a challenge! I LOVE color and always have in my side sewing business, so I knew I could do it! And because the color palate is so different, it is more difficult to buy props! Sew....:) I decided to combine my love of sewing and photography and made my own props and outfits, such as this sweet felted flower shown here that baby is resting in. It's even more meaningful when I get to make my own!

Another challenge was to still maintain the softness of newborns with such bold colors. Fresh flowers are one way to bring softness back in, so we grabbed some real roses in coral tones and made this beautiful image by framing her with the roses.

And of course, the family portraits were so sweet. We always see such love in their eyes. I especially love the daddy daughter pictures in this set. (Dad would like you to notice his big biceps! lol). But seriously, we loved working with this family! They were so joy-filled and relaxed!

So my advice to you about photography, is don't be afraid of color! While I love the muted soft colors that evoke a gentle feeling, bright colors on baby can be so amazing as well! I can't wait to work with my next little one! Grow up strong little Alina! You are all set to change the world! Congratulations mom and dad!

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