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Carhartt Bibs & Bowties

What a little man!!!! This 6 month old milestone session was just delightful! He was all smiles and giggles the whole time! He made it so easy to take his picture! This is a slideshow below! Click the arrows to see them all!

When I photograph kids, I aim for four different "looks" or sets, but all within the same color story. This session was all in creams and tans with a rustic look! I believe photography should be simple...simple props, and plain backgrounds. The star is baby and I even try to do some naked baby ones at 6 months as well. All the focus is on baby!

This family farms!!! So mama brought along tiny Carhartt bibs, and oh the cuteness! I just LOVE to customize a session to fit a family! And that cute little bear is Preston's favorite little toy! My favorite part of these pics is capturing their personality! Posed pictures are nice but I love just capturing the little in-between moments...the unexpected giggles.

Bowties and Ascot Caps? Yes please! I love dressing up baby as a little man! So dapper and such a fine gentleman from the start! ALSO a slideshow below! Click the arrows to see them all!

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