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Winter White Maternity Pictures

Winter is one of Michigan's unique seasons, with piles of snow, and it honestly makes the most beautiful backdrop for photography! The winter white blanket brings a soft quietness to pictures and makes the people pop right out! I especially loved taking these maternity photos at a local park nearby! There were still a few leaves hanging on the trees with little orange leaves that glittered in the sun. It was amazing!

Now I know you're thinking, it's too cold for pictures! Well, that's true! It was cold. The secret is running to the car in between shots to warm up and wearing a coat until the last second! We're Michigan strong up here in the north, and this is a tough mama! She was a champion! (slideshow below!)

For all my maternity sessions, I offer clients use of our boutique maternity dresses! These dresses from Chicaboo are GORGEOUS! There are many styles and they can even be layered with lace on top, as you see in the navy blue dresses below!

In photography, lighting is everything. One secret to getting GREAT lighting in the winter when it is so blue out is to use really great off camera flashes. These pictures that you see are actually taken with the sun as a back light or a key light, and using a great off camera flash as a fill light. We used the Flashpoint Xplorer600 in this maternity session. And shadow is just as important. Make sure your photographer understands lighting! The sun provided an angelic glow for us and gave us the softness we were looking for. (slideshow below)

These pictures are destined for a fine art gallery! If you are interested in maternity or newborn pictures, we would love to talk! We offer a baby plan to combine baby's first year all in one! Contact us today!

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