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A Dapper Little Man

I just LOVE when I know my clients! This family is special to us and they trusted me to pick out cute little outfits and props for their milestone session! This dapper little guy is going to win the hearts of everyone he meets! The little bow tie, suspenders, and hat set for infants was simple and perfect.

bow tie sitter boy on box

looking at camera

milestone sitter with suspenders

little blond boy with blue bowtie

9 month old boy with cap

blue eyes little boy 9 months old

milestone session  photography

Was I right? Just look at those blue eyes!!

This next series of images were extra special to us! The little curved seat was custom made by someone special to both us and the client! It was PERFECT for these 9 month old pictures!

This family invested in a Folio Box. The Folio box is an archival box where the family can store their entire collection, or however many prints they want! They can choose to keep it out and change out a display on an easel or store for the future safely! Our Folio Boxes come with single or DOUBLE sided images and can be customized with a name or saying on it! We will post pictures! :)

Another fun thing we did for this family was create a custom wall art piece! This is a trio of three images to tell a story! As a family photographer, it is our great joy to create wall art pieces that truly capture the moment and stage you and your family is in right now. There will never be another time ever again that is just like right now and we love to capture that to remember forever. It is sacred and precious.

trio collage photography

Are you looking for heirloom photography? Pieces that will outlast YOUR lifetime and be handed down to your children's children without blemish? We would be honored to work with you and offer free consultations! Contact us to come see our studio, ask questions, see the prints, albums, and folio boxes in person, and meet us! Contact us here!

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