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Senior Portraits -Tips for Girls

This girl.

It is an honor and a privilege to get to be a small part of capturing this special time in her life! I had her in my 3rd grade classroom and still remember her spunky little charm, and now.....she's a high school senior! She still has all the fierceness with a lot of sweetness and character added in! We are so proud of her and we especially proud to have her represent us as our girl model for the class of 2019!

For this blog, we thought we would give you some style tips to make your

senior pictures look like a million bucks!

Fashion: BE YOU. BE-AUTIFUL! Choose outfits that reflect YOU and YOUR style! Your senior pictures are meant to capture THIS moment of who you really are. Focus on your interests and the colors and styles you look good in! Aynslee brought this outfit because she knew she would look good in it! Parents: try to let your kids be themselves! Fancy outfits or "Sunday Best" are only great if that's who they ARE!

Now with that said, here are some TIPS for clothes that make amazing pictures:

  • Leave the Labels. stay away from clothes that have giant "branding labels" like a Nike Swoosh. People will see the label first and you're the star, not the brand! :)

  • No Busy Bodies- Plaids or really busy patterns bring the eye away from the face. If you absolute love that pattern, mix in some solids with it, such as solid leggings, a solid scarf or sweater and communicate with your photographer so have a less busy background!

  • Black is OUT- Wearing solid black usually sinks you into a background and you don't pop out! Finally, neon colors often just do not photograph well.

  • Hats OFF! Leave hats and other things that cover up your eyes!

  • TRY THIS! A fun POP of color, such as a bright yellow, or red can be SO MUCH fun, especially in the right location! and don't forget to IRON those clothes!

Make up: Choose to do your makeup in the most natural way possible! BUT have make up! Girls: AVOID glitter mascara in studio. Sometimes the glittery mascara on eyelashes can catch the light of the studio lights and have a huge light flash right by your eye!

The most important tip however: COMMUNICATE with your photographer ahead of time! We love to help with styling! As part of your creative fee, we sit down with you for a pre-session consultation where we plan everything out from locations all around the central Michigan Area, outfits, makeup, hair, sports photography, hobbies, and even specific images for composite photography like you see here (above and below) of Aynslee! We customize your experience every step of the way and do everything we can to ensure your images will be stunning! We love to plan unique ideas and can make almost anything happen! The sky is the limit!

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