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Dear Expectant Mama. You Are Beautiful.

"The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides." -Aubrey Hepburn

rainbow baby maternity dress photography

I have never met a new mama that wasn't absolutely stunning.

Birth is beautiful. And miraculous. And amazing. And every mama, no matter how they are feeling on the inside, is simply a work of art. Women were MADE with all the inner strength necessary to birth a brand new life!

husband and wife maternity photos

red maternity dress white rose photography

red maternity dress with husband

And yes, sometimes birth is messy. There are times that it is wrought with pain, disappointment, and deep sadness. It is all part of the human experience, and hard to understand. We've walked that road ourselves. Women who have had to endure loss of any kind, hold an even greater strength inside, a secret in their hearts that many never even know about.

maternity photographer

pregnant mothers belly photo

husband and wife maternity photography

And sometimes, a prayer is answered and life is redeemed. A rainbow baby. The one that comes after a loss, that connects you once again. There are just not enough words to describe it really. Sometimes you just need a photograph.

rainbow maternity dress

It is important to capture this special time, to remember the journey you went through at this point in your lives, whether filled with joy or pain because it is your STORY. It is yours alone to tell and to capture in printed form, a rare and true artwork that you can hold in your hands for the rest of your life, and your children's lives. Fine art photography can capture this for you!

We would love to be part of archiving your story with you.

rainbow baby maternity dress

When so much of life is an instant social media feed, we choose to slow down, to savor this special moment, and create true art. Life is a treasure.

maternity picture by river

Choosing an experienced maternity photographer, birth photographer, or newborn photographer is KEY to capturing those important moments. Our business model is slow paced. We value quality over quantity, fine art prints & folio boxes over social media, and invest in trust and relationship. Our clients simply become friends and family. We would love to work with you to capture your story in print form! Contact us today!

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