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Maternity Photography Style

lace maternity gown

I am absolutely falling in LOVE with maternity photography. It's hard to pinpoint it exactly.....the natural glow of an expectant mother, the elegance and grace, the peaceful little secret of knowing, or the miracle that is taking place? It's all a WONDERFUL mystery and capturing that emotion is a favorite of mine!

off the shoulder teal maternity gown

I think one of the main reasons I love it is because I love to turn maternity photos into something very high fashion, yet also a vintage Hollywood taste. We take a time that often feels uncomfortable for women and turn it into amazing works of art, because that is what it is! The pregnant woman's body is truly a miraculously designed piece of art!

lilac purple maternity gown portrait

One of the ways we achieve this is with our amazing boutique gowns by Chicaboo. We offer our expecting mothers use of over 25 different gowns in many different styles and colors, including lace, chiffon, and jersey knit. All the gowns are super soft, super stretchy, and super comfy! Here I have an incredibly beautiful mama modeling most of our current inventory of maternity gowns for you to choose from!

studio maternity portrait with slit infront
juliet style forest green maternity gown
blush pink lace maternity gown belly shot

One style is called our Grace gown (below). This gown is classic and elegant. It covers the arms completely. (Scroll right/left)

One of the most popular styles is called the Harper (below). This gown can be worn several different ways as shown by the pictures. Most prefer it to be off the shoulders.

We also offer a very special Rainbow Dress, which has a very special meaning that can be worn with any of the gowns! You can read about in a special post here.

blush pink maternity gown in studio portrait

We would be honored to take maternity pictures for you and capture this important memory for you. It is a unique and special time that you will only live in for a very short time. It deserves it's own special way to remember it forever! We love to combine this session with a fresh 48 hospital birth session or newborn pictures in a Baby's first year plan! Contact us today for more information!

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