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Minecraft Mini Me

Newborn baby boy in bowl with Minecraft hat

I gotta tell you the truth. When this mama mentioned that she wanted to use a minecraft hat she knitted for their newborn session, I was a little nervous. I have no idea how to use bright lime green in newborn pics and it was definitely a first for me. But could I resist? Mama had knit this hat for daddy and now their firstborn child was small enough to fit inside. And look how perfect!?!?!?

This little man didn't like to keep his legs curled up but he naturally crossed his leg on his knee! HOW CUTE! Even at just 10 days old, babies have their own little personalities. We work with whatever they want! Baby is boss!

baby boy sleeping in bowl with minecraft hat

This precious family ordered several mounted 8X10s to hang in their house as well as gift to their family! We have specialty print collections just for newborns because this moment is only for but a breath! We offer custom folio boxes, albums, and canvas that will last 100 years!

close up of baby boy with hand on chest
baby sleeping in hat knit by mom

sleeping baby in black bonnet

This family was so much fun! Just look at the love in this family! A new mama and new daddy! I could not be more excited for this new family that God has put together!

When you book your newborn session with us, we offer custom sets to fit the theme you are hoping for. We usually aim for 4 different set ups as well as family pictures! Are you hoping for a year long baby plan? We offer that too! Contact us today for a quote!

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