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Sunflowers & Senior Pictures Photographer Tips

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows. It's what the sunflowers do.”

-Helen Keller

This beautiful senior girl had one request: Sunflowers. We had a hard time finding a sunflower field near us right when we needed but we just snatched some from our local flower shop, Elliot's Floral, and our amazing Michigan sunset made her senior pictures session nothing less than perfect.

Wondering what to look for when choosing a local photographer to do your senior pictures? Here's a few tips to help you make the right choice to preserve your senior year and create amazing, unforgettable images.

The most important aspect is personality. We encourage you to find someone that will go the extra mile and make your dreams come to life. Choose someone who will sit down with you AHEAD of time and get to know you, listen to your ideas, and incorporate your personalty into your senior portraits! Planning ahead of time, means making amazing portraits. These pictures should capture on film and preserve this special time in your life. We've known this young lady for years, but we still consulted with her about clothing, location, and her dreams to really capture the sunflower happiness and her sheer joy. In this photo session, we danced and laughed and just had fun!

Another important consideration when hiring a photographer is technical expertise with equipment, cameras, and lighting. Don't be afraid to ask your photographers is they are using a DSLR camera and what kind of lighting will they use? Photography is really the painting of light and understanding how to control light, and properly expose an image using professional equipment is what you are paying a photographer to do.

Make sure your personalities match! Your photographer is writing your legacy. Are they willing to get in the water with you?

Finally, how is your photographer preserving your images and what are they offering you? Yes, digital files are important. But how will you be seeing those pictures in your daily life? Do you have a plan WHEN your thumb drive/computer/phone become obsolete or corrupted because technology changes so fast! We believe in relationships where there is no screen, but rather face to face moments, laughter, and tears. This moment in your life should be something you touch and hold in your hands to share with your family and friends.

We would love to offer you a professional photography experience, that begins with the end in mind. We start with a consultation to get to know you and help you decide what is important to preserve. We look at high quality products and plan out your budget so there are no surprises. We get to know you, your personality, and solve problems to get whatever image you can dream up to become reality! The sky is the limit! Contact us today if you are interested in a senior pictures experience with us! Or read more about our process here!

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