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Fall in Love with Autumn Newborn Photography

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” ― Albert Camus

Each season, I fall in love all over again with a new season. I love living in Michigan where we enjoy all four seasons! Each season brings its own unique colors, smells, and activities and life is full!

The same is true in our lives. Each season of our life is so different! We have seasons of happiness, seasons of sadness, seasons of sickness, and seasons of celebrating! As a boutique photographer, it is our goal to help capture those seasons of celebration so that they can carry you through the difficult and hard moments of life.

We want your walls to be filled with glorious images that make you smile when you walk by them when you are having a hard day. We want your coffee table to have a little box or album to look through and remember that life is GOOD and that you are blessed. We want to capture the precious, because life is short. We aren't promised tomorrow and these memories keep us grounded.

Fall is the perfect time to capture your family pictures in vivid colors in Michigan! We do family portraits in the beautiful fall leaves.

As a newborn photographer, I love to incorporate nature into our newborn studio sessions. I go out and pick flowers and natural elements and bring them right into the studio!

Shout out to: Tilly and Leo for making the gorgeous bonnets, Milk Money for making the orange wool layer, Alpine Lane for making fluffy brown downy layer, and Oh Love Props for the stretchy wrap.

Contact us today to come see our studio and meet us!

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