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The Advent Series-Day Twenty-two

Day 22: In His Arms

I John 3:1 - “See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!”

A sheep by a manger with a baby.

Copyright All images & writing © 2018 Charis Seed Photography All rights reserved

The day I typed these words I had the privilege of photographing an adoption finalization hearing. It was a very emotional moment. Many happy tears and smiles mixed with sobs. And at the center, was an infant less than a year old.

And he was running the show!

Quite a crowd of supportive friends and relatives had gathered to support this child officially entering their family. Matching T-shirts, a banner, a wooden plaque and a specially sewn teddy bear were part of the celebration.

With full hearts, they were proclaiming love for this little one. They were showing support for his family. And honestly, they were bragging about how proud they were of this newly adopted son.

Everyone wanted a chance to hold him. Stoic grandpas would shift to “oogy boogy” baby talk anytime they were in reach of the baby’s gaze. Grandmas oohed and ahhed and pinched cheeks. Aunts nestled him in their arms and touched his nose with a fingertip. Uncles made silly faces and hoisted the guest of honor to the ceiling. But no matter who held the infant, one mannerism was always the same: They looked deeply in the eyes of this tiny boy. They searched his expression hoping for a smile, wincing at the first warning of a cry. And for those moments..... that little face filled their world.

Mary certainly did the same actions for the infant Christ. She held Jesus in her arms while looking into His eyes. What thoughts passed through her mind? What feelings sprung up in her heart? Every beaming parent thinks they see signs of genius in the little cooings of their newborn, but Mary actually had reason to think she might have seen her baby work a miracle! When His tiny hand grabbed her finger was every hang nail and scratch miraculously healed? It’s doubtful. I think instead God wanted for a season to be human. For brief time, the relationship between God and humankind was flipped. It was God who was small and being held by a human mother. For a rare moment, God had needs! It was God that took peace in the strength and song of His mother.

Now let's reverse it to is your Heavenly Father that is doing the holding. God lifts you gently up to His face and tenderly looks deeply into to who you are. You have His attention. He supports you. He speaks and His listens to your babbles and cooing and sees great potential in you. He hangs a banner over you. Maybe He has a shirt with your name across the front.

Because He wants everyone to know He adopted you!

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Copyright All images & writing © 2018 Charis Seed Photography

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