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Tips for a GREAT Newborn Photo Session

Getting to photograph a newborn is something I consider a HIGH honor. It is a special and fleeting moment in your life and getting to be part of those first few weeks is a rare privilege.

black and white mama and baby

There is quite a bit of prep and planning that goes into your newborn session and so I wanted to give you a helpful guide, so you can be intentional about documenting this important moment in your lives and making it a keepsake to cherish forever!

new father with newborn
husband and wife with newborn


There's one easy answer: The earlier, the better. Most mamas contact us sometime during their second trimester. This allows us plenty of time to meet with you in person, get to know you, your wishes and ideas, and it allows you to ask questions. We thoroughly go over every detail, from what if baby comes early or later, to safety concerns, to what if baby poops on the props?! LOL. (It happens and it's OK!) We talk about pricing and plan your session out! I even make custom outfits and props just for you. This is called a consultation and it is free of charge!

backlit newborn


Maternity sessions typically take place starting around 28 weeks, up to usually 36 weeks.

The newborn session takes place usually within the first 14 days. This is the time that babies are more sleepy, and usually around 21 days, many babies get a little bit of acne due to mama's hormones. We CAN do sessions even as late as four weeks old! When we book, we set a goal date for a session, and many times that ends up changing once baby gets here (sometimes early and sometimes later!)

WHAT DO I BRING? How do I prepare baby?

This is often the most asked question! And it's another easy answer with just one item on the list to bring: BABY!

I tell all our mamas to pack a diaper bag with their normal items and don't stress about it one bit. Our studio is stocked with everything imaginable that your baby might need if you forget something. Just bring baby. The rest, we will take care of. :) No stress.

How to prepare: NOTHING SPECIAL. Just do what you normally do. No need to keep baby awake or any of that silliness. Baby will be perfect however they arrive.

newborn baby with bunny

ALSO...If you have a special item you want included in the pictures, then you can bring that too of course. This mama MADE THAT BONNET HERSELF!!!! How cute is that! She also wanted a rabbit because their last name means Rabbit in German!

newborn baby in bed prop


If you and your family members are also taking pictures with baby, we will have discussed clothing ahead of time in our consultation! It will all be decided ahead of time. We DO HAVE a maternity gown wardrobe that many mamas wear POST baby as well, which is available to you to wear if you want--complimentary! We recommend solid colors so that baby is the star and we will help you get this decided way before baby comes.


The day you come, baby is boss! :) We like to take our time, and enjoy getting to visit with you and baby! We have snacks and coffee and comfy chairs. You are welcome to get as involved in the session as you want, or you can read a book, surf social media, or take a nap! lol. If baby is hungry, then we stop and feed. We just take it one set at a time and we always get the pictures! :)

close up of newborn baby

What if I have to reschedule?

Here's the thing. Babies do what they want, when they want and sometimes you just gotta reschedule. That's FINE! We allow this and understand mamas! We are quite flexible! No worries.

newborn baby in bowl


This is the big question we hope to have you answer ahead of time! Taking your newborn pictures is a big moment in your life to be cherished and remembered forever. You will want to pass these photos to your son/daughter and to your grand children some day! We take great care in giving you the highest quality images that will be archival in both digital and print form. We offer many amazing products such as albums and story boxes and frames to enjoy your images. These are all things we help you with both before and after your session.

What's the Bottom Line?

The bottom line is: RELAX. :) We got this! Leave the picture taking up to us. Having a newborn is hard enough! We try to make your session as easy as possible! :) It will be worth it!

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