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Studio vs. Fresh 48 Story Telling Newborn Photography

"Photography is the only product that increases in value as it ages."

Daddy holding Newborn in two hands

Those first weeks with your newborn baby are so special and precious! You want to just capture every detail and bundle them all up in a bottle to hold forever. They go so quickly! Having a professional photographer capture those details is key to preserving.

froggy pose studio newborn session on blue

When it comes to capturing these moments, there are two main styles of photography, and we offer (AND LOVE) both: a studio newborn session or a fresh 48 lifestyle session. Both are amazing, intimate, and wonderful and some families even choose both! :)

I wanted to take a moment to explain the differences here!

A Studio Newborn Photo Session

A studio session is done IN our photo studio. The session takes place anywhere from 5 days to 4 weeks old. This time is the sleepiest time for baby, so you can get those sleepy baby poses! This type of session is slower, more comfortable, and relaxed. Our studio sessions go with baby! That means that baby is boss and we work with the personality and needs of baby! In studio sessions are very customized to you and your family and can include any number of props, colors, themes, outfits, and more. We plan it all out for you!

black and white newborn photography

Our goal in our studio is to capture timeless images, that won't age as time goes on. We have a clean look and design and often use monochromatic sets to really show off the features of baby. We also include parents and siblings! Newborn safety is a priority and we take our training very seriously. We use a posing table, a posing bean bag, special wrapping techniques, and all kinds of tricks to get images that will be worthy of wall art in your home! We even have a few tricks up our sleeves in photoshop to make your images magazine worthy! We do try to capture their personality as well. A studio session gallery is a much cleaner, more professional look, with proper professional lighting. It works well if you want to take your time, and have specific colors and props you want to use.

Fresh 48 Story Telling Sessions

fresh 48 newborn photo

A fresh 48 session means that we come to the hospital or birthing center within the first 48 hours that baby is born. This type of session is very much a lifestyle type session, capturing the real & messy moments after baby is born. They capture the raw emotion and feeling....the messy hair, the crying AND sleeping baby, the first moment that brother or sister sees the the new baby, and all the details...even the messy grit still in baby's hair. These images are not posed and not meant to perfect. They are telling the story of your family growing.

Don't worry, we don't drag our big lights to the hospital....but we do know HOW to get the best lighting out of the natural light coming in the window. We work all the angles and composition MUCH differently than a studio session, to capture the feeling and tell your story. Jen does these sessions and is not afraid of any of it...not even if you're not feeling yourself because of NO SLEEP! It's all ok and expected! But you have to be feel comfortable letting Jen in your raw space for this session type! For me, thought....I consider it a privilege to get to be a little fly on the wall in this sacred moment. It is GLORIOUS. The hospitals in the Mt. Pleasant Central Michigan area are very friendly and have always been so welcoming of photographers.

newborn on daddy's tattoo

With both session types, we offer amazing print options to preserve these images. We firmly believe that such an important moment in your family is worth so much more than a social media digital that lasts for a few hours. It is meant for YOUR family, not the entire world. Your newborn photos are meant to be seen in your home on a daily basis, to remind you of joy and peace each time you glance at it. Our albums, story boxes, and wall art come with a guarantee to remain beautiful for a lifetime.

navy blue baby photo

So which type of session do you prefer? We would love to hear from you! Comment with your favorite!!!!

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