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Take Your Own Newborn Photos at Home!

Hey mamas! I see you. You've just has a baby in middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, and in the midst of your joy, there is also much fear, anxiety, and loss. The happy arrival cannot be celebrated with family members in your hospital room, and in some cases, not even your significant other. Your baby shower got delayed or cancelled. You can't have friends and family over to see baby even when you arrive home. And to top it all off, you will be missing the professional photos that you wanted, that are really time sensitive. I hear you mamas. It's not fair and it IS loss. This is my attempt to help in a small way.

black and white newborn

As a newborn photographer, it is my job to keep you and baby safe at all times. We have closed our doors, like all professional photographer should be right now, until we feel it is safe, which may be for quite a while still. We had SEVERAL newborn sessions that we had to cancel and I feel terrible and sad. You are left with only one option to get those precious it yourself. So here's a few tips I have for you in the hopes that you can capture a few images on your own.

fresh 48 mama black and white

Now before I give you a few tips, I want to first start by saying, that I have had lots of training and experience. At no time should you attempt any poses that your professional photographer might do, that require a composite or editing such as the "froggy" pose. Never let that baby "go for a second" to quick snap or anything. This blog is going to focus on good lighting and wrapped poses, simple things you can do at home safely.

newborn in daddy's arms

So here we go.

The top ways to get a little better result, shooting your own newborn images at home:

1: Lighting. Take your pictures during the day when there is plenty of window light. If you don't have a professional strobe, the best light really is natural lighting. Turn off ALLLLLL of the other lights in your home so you don't have two colors of light on baby. This is the same for the hospital.

Newborn wrapping tutorial

2. Wrap that baby! You can use your swaddles at home! Honestly, all you really need is a 14-16 wide piece of stretchy fabric. There are tons of free tutorials on YouTube that you can search to learn. Practice on a teddy bear! Don't be afraid to hold those legs and arms down while you get baby in and make sure there is at least two fingers of space so it's not too tight. 99% of babies love to wrapped and will settle and fall asleep!

newborn baby in basket

3. Baby in a basket or bucket? You can put baby in any kind of basket or bucket or have someone hold baby! If you use a basket, place a weight in the bottom to ensure the bucket won't go anywhere, and have someone help you, right near baby with hands right there. A bucket is usually big enough is you can put your wrist to elbow in the width of the bucket opening. Then line the bucket with stuffing up one side so baby can sit upright (if you have baby wrapped), OR in a basket, lay baby down with a little stuffing under the neck and head. You can also just put a plain fabric down on the floor! I tend to like plain backdrops so baby is the star!

sage green baby newborn in bucket

4. Position your baby sideways to the window. Don't have the baby facing the light so that their underside of their nose it lit, but rather have the light gently go across the face from one side to the other. You can also make the shadows a little more gentle by putting a white piece of foam board or anything white to bounce some light off the other side! Don't photograph aiming up the baby's nose. Shoot down, from above or the side of the baby.

brother and newborn

5: Get the whole family in there! Have a sibling? Put the boppy pillow under the rug so they naturally snuggle together and have them LAY DOWN. Have mom or day hold baby looking out the window! And don't rush. Take your time. Newborn sessions usually last 2 hours!

daddy and newborn

6: Get close! That's where the details are! Fresh skin and tiny fingers and toes are important!

7: Download the Adobe App on your phone and edit your photos there if you want further editing!

Of course, there are many differences with a professional photographer, but you will cherish these images forever. Take them on whatever device you have! And if you still need tips, contact me! I am more than happy to offer some advice! Once this Corona Virus is all done, then contact us! We will be ready and excited to photography your newborn's milestones and make amazing images together!

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