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All Kinds of Heroes

Football Stars. Airplane Pilots. Master Fishermen. We feature quite a few stars. Oh, and Baseball Stars, too (just so they don’t feel left out :) ). We do celebrate the heroic accomplishments of seniors with flashy, showstopping pictures. It gets clicks and likes and hearts, etc. It’s a lot of fun and we love taking their pictures. But we like to celebrate all kinds of heroes, too!

It is a real honor to work with seniors that we can see are going places. They are on a trajectory to be heroes that help others. And that gives us so much hope! Today, I want to focus on a hero that inspired us - and the image we created to highlight her passion.

We had a senior that was pursuing nursing. She wanted something special to celebrate that future.

Visually, nursing is not as exciting as twirling a flaming baton. But nursing is a passion that will actually help people! We wanted to bring the same excitement to this pursuit as other, more showy interests. Below you can see an animation of this custom collage.

So, we made a two page composite for her album that featured her in her scrubs. Jeremy, added some lighting effects and coloring to the background to set the mood to intense. In real life, operating rooms are well-lit areas so the support staff doesn’t trip over things. But in our mural, Jeremy added some moody shading to show the life and death stakes of working in the medical profession.

Senior portrait girl fun nurse nursing Michigan 48858
As senior picture creators we want to celebrate all types of heroes in Michigan

You may have a talent or passion that will change the world. Your future affects the futures of others. Sometimes our job as photographers is to celebrate your past. We really like being professional photographers that create unique senior portraits in the mid Michigan area because it’s about celebrating your future!

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