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For the Fans

I’ve played air guitar. And, as a child of the eighties, I’ve headbanged. I blasted my favorite CD (think music on a round disc) and pretended to be playing for a stadium of thousands. Not recently.

Part of the thrill was pretending to have a bunch of adoring fans. To be so good at something, people just wanted to watch me jam out with my amazing skills.

My music career never took off. But being photographers, my wife and I have actually started to have fans. That blows my mind! Just the idea that people take a little time out of their day to admire what we do here at Charis Seed Photography just is beyond my comprehension. Thank you! Thank you fans!

We don’t sell T-shirts (not yet) or memorabilia, but if you are a fan, there are a few things you can do that help us in very real ways.

You can leave a positive review on Google Business (link here).

You can “like” us on Facebook (link).

You can follow us on Instagram (link).

Oh, and you can tell others about us in real life, too!

We really appreciate you fans. Sincerely. It's hard to earn someone's attention and it means a lot that you take a little of your attention a give it to our art. Thank you! ~Jen and Jeremy!

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