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Airplane Senior Pictures | Michigan Photographer

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

It’s hard to express the “feel” of what we do. Yeah, we’ll make art of you for you. But we’ll have fun making that art with you! Taking pictures with us is a good time! It’s a challenge to show this experience behind the scenes in still pictures. That’s why we hired a talented videographer to do some storytelling on our behalf! And now, from Joe at JC1Studio , we have the world premiere of our first professionally-produced video!!! (drumroll)

You can see it, but I rolled out a red carpet, walked down it, and microwaved some popcorn! I give it 4 stars!

Senior Portrait Picture of guy posing in front of airplane.
Skies the limit!

Seriously, watching this promo brings a smile to my face. THIS is what I love about photography! Going into a person’s world and capturing who they are - where they are - and, hopefully, sharing a laugh along the way! My wife and I are adventurous. Well, hanging out with my wife, Jen, and her adventurous smile and heart made me adventurous. So, when this senior guy told us he flies airplanes, we all but insisted that we go on an adventure to the airport to make his aviation a part of his senior portraits. That’s what this video captures. It shows some of the fun and some of the adventure of taking portraits while getting to know our clients.

Senior guy posing with airplane in portrait by Charis Seed Photography
The aviator. The airplane.

Don’t worry if not as adventurous as a teenage aviator. Case in point, this aviator also took some more “grounded” portraits of him with his dog in his front yard. Adventures with us don’t have to be as crazy as flying planes. We have our heads in the clouds dreaming up new ways to go on “adventures” (aka photo shoots) with our clients.

Senior guy stares into setting sun with airplane.
We capture adventure.

Thanks again, Joe at JC1Studio for capturing that feeling!

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