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If it Ain't Got That Swing Than It Don't Mean a Thing

That moment.

You feel the air swooshing over your skin. Your muscles swing with a fluid motion. Boom! Contact. Ignition. We have lift off! Then the ball is airborne - headed for orbit.

That moment when bat meets ball; club meets ball; stick meets puck… it feels so good! Especially when you know you’ve nailed it.

Senior Girl Portrait Mid Michigan golf course Ithica
BOOM! Right To the Moon!

That moment is hard to capture. It’s like a secret that passes too quickly for the eye to catch. And the energy of the swing, the awe of the millisecond it all comes together, is a challenge to portray in a still image.

But I’m up to the challenge. :)

For Gracelyn, we tried enhancing that moment with a smoke bomb and another light lighting her from the back. But even the smoke and fury wasn’t enough to express the power of her swing.

So I decided to make a stroboscopic mural - basically take a picture as fast as I could get my light to flash and combine the images in photoshop. You can see that process in the animation below.

The original photos were taken on location. I shot senior portraits on her home golf course right here in central Michigan.

I really like this effect. I remember when I was a kid looking through children’s science books. I loved looking at the pictures that showed layers of action. Back then, the effect was created in-camera. The photographer had to have a “strobe” flashing and each flash would leave an image in the shadows of the previous frame.

Alright, enough photography nerdery. You can check out the animation below :)

Want something unique for your portraits? Contact us! We'd love to hear what you have in mind!

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