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Senior Pics SNOW day! | Mid Michigan Photographer

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

It's winter here in Mount Pleasant. Well, it's winter everywhere in this hemisphere, but if you're in Mid Michigan that means piles of snow! You don't need a professional photographer to get good lighting this time of year (though we could suggest a photographer if you're looking ... :) ). Why? Because snow is all around. And snow is a good reflector!

A reflector is something that reflects light. Okay, that was a little too basic of an explanation. So, I'll try something a little more involved. In lighting theory, it is the harmonious ratio of reflected light in areas of greatest luminance to least luminance that give an image that "painterly look". Maybe, that was a little too technical. Basically, you get a professional look be lighting up the shadows. And that's what snow does: It bounces light into the shadows.

And not just light, diffused light. Snow creates a large surface bounces light from a lot of different angles. Which is great because this bouncing light makes shadows softer. Which makes wrinkles look a little softer. But it doesn't completely erase shadows. Which is also good because you don't want your chin to look soft and blobby. So, with snow around you get the best of both aspects. So go take a selfie!

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