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Senior Pictures Guys: Andrew | St. Louis Photographer

Updated: Mar 5

When we are planning with you for your senior pictures, we always ask if you want to shoot at your home! This is your roots! Your stomping grounds....and seniors often don't think about the fact that you ARE LEAVING that place very soon! (most are anyways!)

Senior Guy Black and White Artsy Pic

Your photographer can find amazing angles and shots in your yard, even if you think it's not that "scenic!" And that is what we did with Andrew's session!

Senior Guy
Senior Guy
Senior Guy

He lives my this amazing river, and so we borrowed dad's waders and jumped right in the water to grab these shots!!

And don't forget about man's best friend. Pet's are family too.

Finally.....when you have cool cars, you definitely want to work those in somehow too!. We LOVE to photograph cars and what you don't see in this image is three different off camera flashes, adding that super shine to the cars to make the cars look just as good as the senior!

senior pics cool car
retro styled cool car
senior guy cool car
senior letterman jacket
senior pictures jeep
senior pictures jeep

All of these images, and more are going to be part of Andrew's hand crafted leather album. His album will last him throughout his entire lifetime and he will be able to show his grandchildren someday.

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