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Senior Pictures-Sports

We LOVE capturing creative sports images that you can keep forever! There are many different approaches you can take with sports images and we love to do a bit of all! Here are a few ideas we think about when we plan your session with us!


We love to capture ACTION. We can do special composite imagery with you in motion, which looks great on your wall as a huge metal!

We take this as a series of images and put them together in post editing.


We woke up early with this senior to capture him in his favorite Just a quiet, calm, sunrise session, with a little photoshop magic added to capture that moment. We try to think about perspective and be a fly on the wall.


We love to capture a bit of who you are. We are constantly pushing ourselves to think outside the box, and to create an art piece that will stir conversations with anyone who walks into your home and sees it on your wall.

Special Effects

Whether it's adding in a starry sky, or some cool smoke effects, we try to do everything original and One of a Kind. We want your senior pictures to stand out! High school sports are exciting and the special effects bring the attitude and feeling of the heart of a senior!


One thing that makes a great photograph is perspective. We are not afraid to lay on the ground or stand on a ledge to get that shot!


Make sure you speak up. Communication is key to creating amazing images. :) We want to know what makes your heart sing! We aren't trying to create images for US....we are creating images that are YOUR keepsakes forever! This is why we meet ahead of time for a consultation! We get to know you, hear your voice, and plan!

The Senior Experience with us:

  1. Contact us to set up a consultation! Meet us, check out the studio, ask questions, plan!

  2. THE FUN! We have your session(s) and snap away!

  3. The ordering session-we look at your images together and decide which products you want to keep forever!

Contact us! We look forward to hearing from you!

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