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Michigan Fishing & Football-Fall Senior Portraits with a Twist

We LOVE our Michigan fall! Nothing is better than football, early morning fishing with mist over the lake, bonfires, apples, and a warm drink in your hand! And we LOVE to capture this for our high school seniors!

At our preconsultation, we got to know this Montabella senior and his passions in life? & football! We do everything we can to capture WHO YOU ARE, and so we planned a few specialty artistic images for this promising young man!

The Fisherman

For this artistic image, we got up at sunrise and were out in the lake by 6am!

Michigan sunrise fishing senior photo

So here's a little secret.....that image above? It wasn't really an amazing sky that morning. It was a typical Michigan gray cloudy sky. That fishing rod was really tilted down, and that fly line and lure? It's painted in. This type of image is called a composite. That means we draw in a sky, draw in other elements, overlay multiple images, and paint in textures. It is ART.

Here are some of the "regular" professional images from his session, so you can see.

The Receiver

This senior was also a football player! His main position on the team is a receiver, and we planned out two other amazing composite images.

composite senior picture football catch

This catch was real. We captured it on his field at his high school. With a little editing, we added in a field and larger stadium to enhance the photo!

Finally, we took these two images and merged them together to create this cool image. This is the brick wall at his school!

These images are one of a kind ART. They take time...often hours just for ONE image....from concept planning, to shooting in the field and planning out the professional lighting with the end result in mind to combine several images, to editing and designing in post production.

And.......we LOVE to do it!

We would love to work with you to create stunning images! Contact us today to set up a consultation and make your senior pictures stand out!

Here's a few more from this session to peek at too!

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