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Styled Senior Portrait Sessions

Here's another fun way to get creative with your senior pictures! We can schedule one "regular" session and one "styled" session! We have done this a few times and it's SO MUCH FUN!

We aren't afraid to ask permission to use unique locations for the session! We consult with you about wardrobe and we have makeup and hair stylists on hand to help!

These pictures were 50s themed and took place at Pixie's in Mount Pleasant! That is a unique diner with amazing food! You should check them out for a fun family evening! They even have classic car shows!

This next set of images were classic cars! This family has a passion for cars, and they gathered a ton of amazing classic automobiles together and we had a blast!

We think senior pictures is really about having fun! We want your images to stand out and most of all, we want you to remember this moment.

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