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The Pictures You Won’t See

I know you come here looking for cute pictures. And usually I am happy to provide you with those pictures :) We’re proud photographers here in central Michigan and love showing you cute newborn portraits and fun senior portraits.

But not today. Today I am not showing you pictures. I’d like to talk a little about a special type of pictures you’re not going to see.

Most clients want us to put their picture online. It gives them the chance to tag and share those moments with their family and friends. That’s great and we love to show off your best moments and our best work.

But it’s also a privilege when we have to keep those moments a secret. Now, you don’t have a reason to ask us not to post your pictures online. But most of the time when a client asks us to not post their images there is a story behind that request.

This is a family portrait of a family that is not being displayed Charis Seed
A great photo you are NOT going to see. A private family moment in Deerfield Park, Mount Pleasant, MI

Most of those stories share a lot with the story of our family. Clients are celebrating becoming a family in a non-traditional way. We’ve had clients that were adopting as part of their journey as foster parents. When there’s an adoption it’s a marvelous journey! It's a wonder. Adoption is choosing over and over to be a family. There are moments where that choice is a beautiful delight. And moments where that choice is shockingly difficult.

It’s not easy to be an adoptive parent. Or an adopted child. As adoptive parents ourselves, we empathize. We know it’s important to constantly celebrate the identity these families are creating.

central Michigan 48858 two girls family portraits adoption
A cute candid for you NOT to look at! :) A new family on location in Isabella County

SO to protect those identities you won’t see those pictures here. We’re very pleased to NOT show you those portraits here. It’s some of our best work that you won’t see. At least not here - we do hope you’re a part of the story of these special families and maybe get a glimpse of these portraits in person someday :)

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