Shark Shooters Basketball

Shark Shooters Basketball Pics


February 19


We are honored to be taking pictures again for you all!  This year the pictures will have a black steel gradient background with your player’s name and number on them like last year.  The Memory mate shown above will be the same. :)



The Lay Up $15

(1) 5X7 Ind.

     (1) 5x7 Team

     (1) set of 4 wallets (Ind).


The 3 Pointer: $33

(1) 8X10 (Ind)

     (1) Memory mate

     (2) 5X7 (Ind)

(1) Set of 4 wallets

     (1) Bag Tag


The Slam Dunk: $55

(1) 8X10 (Ind)

     (1) Memory mate

     (2) 5X7 (Ind)

(1) Set of 4 wallets

     (1) Bag Tag

     (1) Magnet

     (1) button

     & Digital files emailed to you

Ala Carte:

These can be ordered as Individual, Team, OR Buddy Pics

Set of 4 wallets: $5

5X7 $6

8X10 $10

Memory Mate (8X10 only) $15

Poster (11X17) $28

Button $6

Magnet $6

Metal Keychain $8

Large Bag Tag $8

Curved Metal (5X7) $28

Digital Files emailed to you $28


Two ways to order:

Order AHEAD OF TIME ONLINE & Pay with credit card BELOW or

FIll out the form your student will get from practice & bring with cash/check to the pictures day!

To order online: 2 steps

1.  Fill out this form & keep track of your total so you can pay:

2.  Click on Paypal Button below and send the correct amount of $.