The Advent Series-Day Ten

December 10, 2018

Day 10: King

Philippians 2:6-7  “[Jesus], being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be used to his own advantage; rather, he made himself nothing by taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness."




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Father looked out at the crystal clear surface of the still waters. Above and below in every direction was a sea of galaxies. Some of the stars floated within the reach of His finger tips. “Perfect”, He whispered as He gently grasp the star between His thumb and index finger as if it were a grape.


Then He spoke a little louder, “You don’t have to do this Son.”

Father turned His head to one side without drawing his gaze from the glowing star still held between His fingers.


“What do you suggest? We promised we wouldn’t flood them from existence. Fire, you’re thinking fire aren’t you?”, Son teased with a smirk across His face.

“Fire sounds good. I like fire. Something about it reminds me of you” , Father returned with a wink, shifting His gaze from the glowing orb for a moment. Father breathed in deeply. The twilight at the horizon glowed more brightly for a moment then paled as Father let out a sigh. “I’m serious. This is your choice. To go… There are other ways.”


“Son wants to go” a voice gently whispered. Spirit came elegant striding to them across the water’s surface. The figure was almost translucent in the light of the stars floating between the three of them. “He’s curious. He created man and now is curious what is it like to be a man.”


“Perhaps, but I don’t want to leave you two. I would never want to leave you two. We promised… And it’s only for a short time.” Son spoke resolutely as if trying to push some uncertainty from His voice.


“A short time. That is true Son. But you will feel every moment of it. Truly feel every breath of your journey.” Spirit gazed at the garment Son wore. It was a majestic coat of many colors. Every patch in its material was a living moment. Images glowed and danced in its surface. It’s threads were woven from the worship of all creation. Spirit placed a finger on a thread that showed a herd of rhinos roaring across an African plain. The gaze of Spirit’s eyes drifted across the threads of the robe locking on a dark spot in the fabric. It showed a scene far away from their celestial throne room.  Within this living thread a small sparrow could be seen struggling in a snow storm. Tears formed at the edge of Spirit’s eyes. “Are you sure you’re ready?”


“You’ve never asked me that before.” Son met Spirit’s gaze. They searched each other’s eyes.

Spirit tapped the thread with image the tiny bird still fluttering in it. “You’ve never been so small before.”

Son stood straighter planting his feet on the surface of the waters. Chin firm and resolute. Eyes so bright with energy they burned as hot as the stars around Him.



“I like fire.” Father wore a proud smile across His face. He applied pressure to the star still trapped in His grasp. It burst into a supernova. The bright glow reflected in His eyes. He chuckled, “Those ‘wise men’ won’t be able to miss that one.”

“You’ll have to leave the coat with us, Son. And the the crown. They’ll be waiting here for you.”

Spirit made a delicate gesture. A door of pure light opened among the stars.

“Before you go,” Father paused blinking, “All joking aside… You’re my Son and I am well pleased with everything you do.”

“I will bring honor to you Father,” Son bowed slightly.

“You always have.” Father smiled back.

Son entered the doorway of blinding light. The twilight on the horizon dimmed slightly.


On a bed mat in a small dusty town far below heaven, a young woman awoke suddenly, looking around for the flash of lighting. She was startled certain she had heard thunder. She glanced around the dim room. The rest of her family slept on the floor beside her undisturbed. She squinted. Her hand unconsciously drifting to her belly. Her eyes grew wide with realization as she sat in the darkness. In her heart she knew what the angel had promised had come to pass. She was now carrying the King of Kings.



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Copyright All images & writing © 2018 Charis Seed Photography


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