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Lake Michigan Senior Pics

We LOVE Michigan. We seriously think we live in the best place on earth. Our beautiful state has something for everyone from forests, to cliffs, to sand dunes, to the Great Lakes, not mention the four seasons! It's a photographer's dream!

writing class of 2020 in the sand

This year we started the class of 2020 out with a senior team that would honor all four seasons! You can check the blog for winter and spring because here comes SUMMER! We chose this year to do a Lake Michigan summer session and it did not disappoint!

waves crashing senior picture

The Lake Michigan sunset was simply amazing and what a moment to capture! To really capture this properly, we took our big lighting equipment right on the beach! We had to haul it over the sand dunes and that was probably funny to watch! But the results are worth the endeavor. Images like this are a dream!

sunset lake michigan