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Senior Year Magazine | Mt. Pleasant Senior Picture Photographer

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Okay, time to toot our own horn: Four images from this past year’s senior shoots got featured in Senior Year Magazine’s Best of 2020 issue! Yup!

First, congratulations to our models that appear in those images! Take a bow Blake and Andrew! We wish that all of our senior clients could have been featured, and we submitted way more pictures than these 4 images, but not every image was selected for print.

That’s actually kind of the point of submitting our images for contests and print magazines: not every image does make the cut. It’s helpful for us to have other professionals select what they think is our studio’s strongest work. Knowing what others consider to be worthy as artworks, helps us tune our skills.

We’re always trying to push ourselves a little further as photographers. We’re photography nerds. Talking about color temperature or discussing the best ways to pose newborns. Yes, that’s what we spend time chatting about as a married couple: Nerdy photography stuff. Or, in Jeremy’s case, nerdy everything. But this point of all this geeking out, is to bring you images that surprise you. And delight you. That presents your memories as art!

Thank you to all our 2020 seniors!

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